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Q I wish to know about RF Blaster in details.
RF Blaster is a bluetooth-based handheld RFID reader to identify individual RFID tag among a pile of different items with its astonishing maximum read distance of approximately 10m and strong output of 36dBm. It miniaturized form factor weighs no more than 200g and its unique design that offers a soft grip promises a pleasant work environment for user.
Q In which industry, can RF Blaster be applied?
RF Blaster isrobustlydesigned to accomplish inventory management tasks that occur innumerous facilities such as distribution centers or retail stores. Therefore, RF Blaster can be applied indifferent industries including Pharmaceutic, Food, Book and apparel. RF Blaster can accomplish integrated inventory management by reading bulk quantity of tags in a short period of time from backroom or storage with its strong penetration depth.
Q [General] What does Hanmi IT mainly do?
As one of the affiliated firms in Hanmi Group, Hanmi IT Inc. undertakes total IT services and system management for support of Hanmi Group, and holds its own competitiveness in the global IT technology.
Q [General] How do your employment policies work?

You can find job postings on "Career" page and download the job application form and submit it at anytime.

Q [Solutions]What's KEIDAS?
KEIDAS is a supply chain execution & management platform suite that enbles consolidating a series of management operations covering from production, receipt&shipment to stocktaking, and thereby sharing the resulting data among its supply chain members
Q [Solutions]What are the strengths of KEIDAS?
The field operations and user interface representations for site workers may differ in companies. KEIDAS client libraries can meet the requirements for customization anytime. The client libraries can cope with abnormal termination and data backup resulted from network failure and system crash. It is hard for companies to manage their massive unit-level data on their own and very likely to add considerable cost burdens due to new system introduction and maintenance. In order to cut off the cost burdens, KEIDAS EPCIS presents with cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) model, as well as statistics data for facilitating business decision-making process.
Q [Solutions]What is PRISMA?
The PRISMA is an innovative RFID inventory solution that individually identifies RFID-tagged products and their location data while it travels along lines of shelves or racks.
Q [Solutions]What industry can it be applied to PRISMA?
PPRISMA is aimed for various industrial purpose such as drug, food, books, apparel and even steel industry. It was originally invented for industry-wide use.
Q [Solutions]what are the strengths of PRISMA?
It can be summed up as follows.
  1. 1. Superior readability
  2. 2. Location-based data acquisition
  3. 3. Easy intallation without modifying shevles
  4. 4. Incorporate various types of antenna
  5. 5. Height-adjustable design fits to diverse shelves
  6. 6. Automatic operation on schedule
  7. 7. Extremely cost-efficient (cost-efficiency varies by storage scale)