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Special programs for fostering the gifted

Through practical and systematic personnel management policies, the employees can give free play to their ability Including reward system based on task value and accomplishment we institute various robust personnel policies job to promote satisfaction and motivation.

Framework of Personnel Management

Strengthen the team leader system by granting an extensiveauthority to the leader
Task-Oriented and Unbiased HR Management
Place the best-fitting tasks after carefully considering individual carrer and determine wages only by job performance
Grant reward and promotion according to the performance

Evaluation System

We institute evaluation system with the understanding of both the main tasks and the supplemental tasks, and preparre the in-house training systems, which consists of various educaional and liberal programs, to support the gifted.

Job Title & Grade

You will get promoted in a certain period of time after going through the in-house evaluation and also be granted a special promotion of grade based on your excellence in performance. Your job title will be given based upon your potential and ability regardless of your rank.