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Reborn as a blue chip enterprise...

On June 29, 2006, Hanmi IT has been nominated as a top-ranking company subject to extensive government support and was chosen as a superior new high-tech company among medium and small-sized enterprises which devote their core competence into the advance of technology.

2006’s ~ 2007’s
Certified as a venture business by the Korean Small business Administration a Start-up IT business distinguished in Ubiquitous environment


  • 2006 6Acquired "Certificate of superior technology company"
  • 10 Acquired a GS Certificate for corporate wireless mobile middleware, UNIAPLUS
  • 2007 01 Registered a UNIAPLUS patent (mobile middleware and its business logic process method)
  • 04 Registered an SFA patent (sales management system and its method based on GPS)
  • 05Registered a UNIAPLUS patent (system sever and data process method for communicating with multi-clients)
  • 09Won the top prize at "Top software of the month"
  • 11Obtained "Certificate of venture company" from Korea Technology Guarantee Fund

Long-term perspectives and a sense of mission toward the success of RFID

Hanmi Pharmaceutical jumped into the process innovation throughout its supply chain by installing RFID technology into its entire product ranges. The RFID installation initiated by decision-making by the highest management positions has currently been drawing great attention from not only Korean government agencies but also other drug companies.

2008’s ~ 2009’s
Granted Certificate of the Most Technologically Innovative Small Business by INNO-BIZ Took over a new governmentproject of "u-IT New Technology Development and Proliferation"


  • 2008 06Granted "Certificate of the most technologically innovative small business" by INNO-BIZ
  • 200904Won an RFID system implementation project ; "u-IT New Technology Development and Proliferation"
  • 06Launched the RFID system implementation project on Hanmi Pharmaceutical
  • 12Successfully completed the RFID system implementation project on Hanmi Pharmaceutical

OASIS(On-site Applicable Smart Information Service)

The OASIS project aims to implement a common standard information platform offering all the supply chain players including governmental watchdog agencies and end customers various information services and opportunities of interconnecting their logistics&distribution information channels.

Since the RFID implementation project completed in 2010, Hanmi Pharm. has been collecting a massive serialized RFID-tagged data of individual items, thereby best utilizing the data being shared among its related business entities. The resulting experience plays as a strong basis for the project success and moreover presents a great impetus to revitalize the RFID industry.

Hanmi IT exerts its best efforts to create the most practical platform to be is available to any user anywhere.

2010’s ~ 2014’s
Formed the basis for globalIT enviroment establishment by exploring a new growth engine Contributed to stimulatind RFID industry as perfomed the OASIS project


  • 2010 04Selected as an administering organization in charge of OASIS platform development by KEIT Career