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KEIDAS+RFID is a proven solution used by pharmaceutical companies to ensure proper delivery of drug to healthcare providers in Korea


Etc/OTC DrugsTake inventory via a handheld reader by sales personnel

KEIDAS+RFID solution is currently implemented at Hanmi Pharmaceutical and was awarded as‘Best RFID Implementation’at RFID journal Live 2013 in Orlando. USA.

With its capability to track and trace all pharmaceutical items from manufacturing to pharmacies and hospitals, Hanmi can ensure the right delivery of drugs to the right recipients.

From its cloud based service and pharmaceutical proven performance, KEIDAS+RFID can also bring more efficient operation a manufacturing, distribution, and return process.


Global awareness of increase in number of counterfeit crimes is setting alerts to corporations to take measures in fighting against the threat. In the event of counter feit, the brand makers and manufactures lose value of their investment and consumers suffer from financial losses but more strongly, from psychological insecurity when shopping. Unfortunately, consumers are exposed to the crimes without any promising systems to guarantee that the product is original. On the other hand, corporates can explore a number of systems to guarantee the delivery of their quality to the consumers. Hanmi IT is proud to introduce a solution to provide brand protection to corporates to fight against counterfeit crimes.