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Serialization, Track & Trace, e-Pedigree enabled all-in-one software package KEIDAS is a supply chain execution & management platform suite that enbles consolidating a series of management operations covering from production, receipt& shipment to stocktaking, and thereby sharing the resulting data among its supply chain members



EPC Information Service
GS1 standard-compliant interface and repository platform providing integrated data managment and traceability capabilities regarding RFID/Barcode

Bulk Data Processor
Unit-level supply chain workflow management platform providing coordination of all supply chain operations including ordering, production, warehouse management and shipping

Serial Number Provisioning
Rule-based serial number assignment and management platform for product serialization

Rich User Insight
e-Pedigree service platform providing product authentication and verification based on GS1 NCeP and DPMS standard

Supply Chain Executor
Edge application platform for workers providing control and coordination with edge middleware functions for all devices such as RFID/Barcode reader, sensor and alarm light

Common Edge Application
Integration middleware platform providing information exchange capabilities among legacy systems such as ERP and WMS, on-site applications, trading partners and government agencies.

Batch processing platform extracting meaningful business data from massive event data to meet enterprise needs

e-Pedigree On Demand
RIA technology-based dashboard platform providing production, sales, inventory and track& trace data

RFID/Barcode Data Management
Provide data management tool for RFID/Barcode systems on EPCIS repository

KEIDAS Platform Suite
Comply with GS1 identification and interface standards for RFID/Barcode (GTIN, GLN, EPCIS, GDSN, etc)

Real-Time Data Sharing
Provide, All real-time data exchange capabilities among trading partners across asll supply chain

Mandatory Compliance
Provide regulatory compliance reporting service to government agencies in food and drug industry

Provide a unique serial number assignment and management functions for product serialization

Plug & Play
Support development libraries for quick on-site application implementation and provide real world experience-based quick starter kit

Supply Chain Execution
Manage and execute unit-level supply chain workflows based on RFID/Barcode without reducing working speed under any circumstances

Global Traceability & e-Pedigree
Ensure a safe and security-enhanced supply chain with unit-level track and trace capabilities and e-Pedigree services(DPMS, event-driven e-Pedigree)
KEIDAS Architecture