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Online community for doctors & pharmacists

HMP(Hanmi Medical Portal) is a portal site where more than sixty thousand doctors and pharmacists exchange their professional medical expertise and various busines knowledge, and share their daily life stories, pictures, activities, etc.

Medical Expertise
Public Information
Medical Q&A, patient training source EBM, patient care know-how (dosage instructions), medical columns, KIMS drug info, DIK/MEDILINE medical journal
Business Management
New practice : Location info., medical equipments
Business mgmt. : Recruitment, law, taxation, employment, insurance, etc
Public relations : QR code, hospital/pharmacy locator
Curlture : Hanmi Art Museum, Hanmi Literature Award, Hanmi Righteous Practitioner Award
Bulletin Board : Anonymous bulletin, film reviews
Hobby& leisure : travel, photo, automobile, golf
Benefits : movies, comics, shopping, books, mobile gifts
Transaction management
RFID-based real-time inventory, Business administration, Tax bill managemen